Echoes of Archs

Echoes of Archs invites you to embark on a journey through generative universes, sinusoidal waveforms, and pointcloud architectural scans local of environments. This immersive audiovisual performance is designed to transport you through a 20-minutes evolution of both digital and physical spaces, merging abstract creation with tangible reality.

The sequence begins with the construction of intricate procedural spaces built from 3D volumes. These digital architectures are dynamically generated, creating a visually captivating introduction to the performance. As the journey progresses, these synthetic structures gradually dissolve and transform, seamlessly merging into pointcloud 3D scans of local architectures. This evolution from abstract to realistic spaces highlights the interplay between digital creativity and our physical environment.

Every sound and visual element is processed in real-time, ensuring a unique and responsive presentation on each venue. The spatialization of both sound and visuals is designed to envelop the audience, creating the feeling of being part of a parallel reality.

Project created with the support of the Republic and canton of Geneva and city of Lancy.

360 A/V Live Performance
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Mapping Festival
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