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STRUCTURALS is a Studio of New Media Artists based in Switzerland. Always experimenting, mixing real time & procedural visuals, video and graphic design, we create visual & immersives experiences that modify the perception of space.

In 2018, we founded the association FOLNUI and started working on scenography, lights installations & live visuals. Basically, it gave us the opportunity to learn everything from scratch and work on a lot of different roles. It allowed us to experiment a lot of techniques and softwares.

Today, we create most of our content through TouchDesigner & MadMapper, giving us a full control of the visuals in realtime and a lot of possible interactions in complexe installations and concerts. When we work in a new environnement, we like to think of the details of the place, the specificity of the architecture or the nature that surround the installation. We then try to use some of those specificities to transform spaces and create new experiences for the visitors.

About our studies, we trained as Interactive Media Designer in Geneva; and then separately graduated in Visual Communication and illustration at ESBDI and in Graphic Design at ECAL. We also have the formation that allows us to work with lasers in Switzerland. Since 2023, we work at 100% in freelance for this studio, Structurals.

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At the heart of our creative process is a custom environment we've developed in TouchDesigner. This unique tool enables us to control the visuals we create with precision, with audio and live MIDI signals. This software continually evolves and adapts to the unique demands of each project, ensuring that our work remains tailored to the specific context.

In addition to TouchDesigner, we harness the power of 3D softwares such as Blender and Unreal Engine. These tools serve as our canvas for constructing and previewing our installations. This multi-faceted approach allows us to envision and refine our creations in a virtual space before bringing them to life in the physical world.

We meticulously program our visuals in a procedural way, to be adaptable and responsive to the nuances of different architectural and scenographic contexts. This versatility ensures that our projections seamlessly integrate with and enhance the environments they inhabit, forging a direct and harmonious connection between the art and its surroundings.


Light installations


360 A/V Laser Show

Interactive tree of light - Scenography

Geneva Lux Festival - Eclosion [Geneva]
O.V.N.I of light (with Folnui)


Kinetic roof of lights - scenography (with Folnui)

Infinite mirrors & Neurons of leds

BIG Biennale - Pissenlight [Geneva]
Mechanic led installation (with Folnui x Pavillon bleu x Psymetrik)

Geneva Lux Festival - Lightscape [Geneva]
Seascape of lights and motors (with Folnui)


Mapping Festival - Falling Celling [Geneva]
Lights & video mapping scenography (with Folnui)


BIG Biennale - Tunnel [Geneva]
Interactive led installation (with Folnui)


Unagi - Pavillon Bleu [Geneva]
Giant fish of light (with Folnui)



Julienne - Nebula [Geneva]
Live architecture video mapping

Ville de Sierre - Supernova [Sierre]
Architecture video mapping

IBug FESTIVAL [Leipzig, DE]
A/V 360 architecture video mapping

Pavillon Sicli - Black Hole [Geneva]
Roof video mapping & live visuals


Mapping Festival - Square Distortion [Geneva]
monumental video mapping & laser show
live visuals

Geneva Lux Festival - 5th season [Geneva]
installation (with Folnui)
360 video mapping



Mapping Festival - ECHOES OF ARCHS [Geneva]
A/V Performance in an infinite space with Owelle


Mapping Festival - Perception Scaled [Geneva]
360 A/V Show with Owelle


la Bâtie - Dimensional Convergence [Geneva]
360 video mapping & A/V Show with Owelle

VJ & live visuals


Pfingst festival x nordstern [Basel]
Live visuals

Live visuals for Charlie Sparks, Lessss, …

Nordstern [Basel]
Live visuals for Sara Landry

Nordstern X UNREAL [Basel]
Live visuals for Somewhen, Future-666, Caravel, …

Nordstern [Basel]
Live visuals for 999999999

Nordstern [Basel]
Live visuals for Charlie Sparks

Nordstern [Basel]
Live visuals for Klangkuenstler

Supermarket x Adroit [Zurich]
KSO12, I-RO, Stef Mendesidis


Supermarket x BCCO [Zurich]
Clara Cuvé, Gigola, future.666, Cryme, 13Enkei

Nordstern [Basel]
I Hate Models

Nordstern x R Label Group 10 years [Basel]
Kobosil, Clara Cuvé, Somewhen, Franck

Nordstern [Basel]
Trym all night long

Sonic Festival #32 [Wolfwil]
999999999, Paula Temple, La Penderie Noire, Dasstudach

Nordstern - Kraftnacht [Basel]
Live visuals

The Church Festival x Adroit [Basel]
Live visuals

Apocalypse Dance Festival [Interlaken]
Vendex, Xenia, Oguz, Dasstudach, Felber

Les Docks - ECAL [Lausanne]
Tam Bor, Sunny

Nordstern - Kraftnacht x NAKT [Basel]
Alignment, Nikolina, Warin D

Le Groove - Mapping Festival w/Felix [Geneva]
Fenouil2000, Furka, K-Teu

HALL 622 Insanity Festival [Zurich]
Stella Bossi, I Hate Models, Regal

Nordstern - Kraftnacht [Basel]
Kobosil, Cataluna, Doma

Nordstern [Basel]
Chris Liebing

Nordstern [Basel]
Deborah De Luca

Nordstern [Basel]
Amélie Lens

FriSon - Octagon [Fribourg]
MindWalker, Tracer, Qo, Sylek

Zinkbad - Hot Fragments [Zurich]
Afem Syko, Kander, Don Woezik, Ma Cka, DiCanio, Djamzer


Nordstern [Basel]
I Hate Models

Nordstern [Basel]

Le Zoo - LPN Residency [Geneva]
Øtta, Pawlowski, La Penderie Noire

Le Zoo - Bipolar Disorder [Geneva]
The Advent, The Lady Machine, Chlär, The Chronics

Le Zoo - Nout [Geneva]
Callush, Vera Grace, Ramon

Le Groove - Untitled Folnui x Derestrict [Geneva]
Cynkt, RineMa, Grmy, Mawenzi

La Gravière - Nout [Geneva]
Owelle, CTO, Ramon, RineMa

Le Zoo - Kostik01 [Geneva]
Insane Technology, Uzi, Julozorrr, Aevangelist

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CFPA Genève - Workshop ID3
Introduction to Madmapper & Touchdesigner


CFPA Genève - Workshop ID3
research about volumetric projections


CFPA Genève - Workshop ID3
introduction to modul8 and madmapper


FOLNUI x Geneva Lux Festival - Leman Bleu (2024)

FOLNUI x Geneva Lux Festival - RTS Info Instagram (2024)

FOLNUI About the collective - Epic Magazine (2021)

FOLNUI x UNAGI - Tribune de Genève (2021)

STRUCTURALS x OWELLE - Tribune de Genève (2022)


Structurals Studio - Pablo Felley & Théo Phildius
Graphic & Motion Design - Structurals
Typography Design (Titles) - Leoni Limbach
Website & Photography - Pablo Felley